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tom_kaneUthar Wynn was the Sith Master and the leader of the Sith Academy on Korriban during the Jedi Civil War, whose Sith apprentice was Yuthura Ban. Uthar Wynn was voiced by Tom Kane, who is best known by his work in the Clone Wars animated series, he was Admiral Yularen, Yoda, and the narrrator, but less know that Tom Kane worked in more then twenty Star Wars computer games, and many of them more than one role! He had roles in Force Commander, Galactic Battlegrounds, both Battlefront games, both KotOR games, Racer, Starfighter, X-wing Alliance, and many more roles, so we could possibly say Mr. Tom Kane is one of those Star Wars voice actors, who we heard maybe the most time. So Uthar Wynn is only one of his roles.

Uthar uthar_wynn_meditálWynn was that bald man, whose head was adorned with tattoos, presumably of Sith design, and was meditating in the middle of the Academy all the time, without any interrupt. Although he was a Sith Lord, he wore the same military uniform, that his soldiers had, so Uthar had not got any special Sith robes, armors, masks, or anything, he looked like an everyday Sith. Maybe one of the biggest difference between him and his men was his eyes, which were cruel yellow; a testament to his great power with the Dark Side. He had an eerily calm demeanor for a Sith. It seemed as though nothing could shake him, though he could simply be hiding his true emotions, but anyway, he was not that kind of typical brute Siths. Nevertheless he had an intolerance of failure and believed that those who couldn't defeat their opponents deserved their fate, but these are "basic" Sith features and traits.

Uthar Wynn studied at the Sith Academy under the former Academy headmaster, uthar wynn mestere jorak uln voltJorak Uln, who had served under Exar Kun previously. Master Jorak Uln however became weaker, since he became a bit crazy after a while, although he still possessed a great power. Uthar was clever, he didn't want to risk a duel with his master, who was yet a big threat for anyone, who wanted to challenge him. So he eventually drove his master out into the Valley of the Dark Lords and left Jorak inside one of the tombs, where he was studying and meditating till Revan's arrival. Uthar Wynn didn't waste any time, he quickly took over the Academy, taking the title of his elder Master claiming himself "as the most worthy" for it. After stabilizing his reign, he felt the time was right to take an apprentice, soon taking a Twi'lek girl, called yuthura ban a sith akadémia második embereYuthura Ban under his wings. Since he mostly devoted his attention to running the academy itself, Master Uthar put Yuthura Ban was selecting the strongest hopefuls for the future Sith academy training in the cantina of DreshdaeYuthura Ban in charge of selecting the strongest hopefuls for the future Sith academy training. yuthura ban will be revans mentorYuthura preferred managing her recruiting business in the cantina bar of Dreshdae, selecting the most promising talents, who came by to became a Sith.

Near the end of the of Jedi Civil War, uthar wynn suspects yuthura wants to remove him from powerUthar began to notice Yuthura's ambitions to take his place as head of the uthar wynn greets revanSith Academy, even "removing" Master Uthar by force. So Uthar Wynn also had plans to have Yuthura changed. That is how the Sith ways go... So the mind-wiped Revan came to Korriban in this historical situation, in his search for the Star Maps. Revan managed to gain entry into the Academy after meeting Yuthura in the cantina, and was brought before Master Uthar by her. Uthar immediately recognized the Dark Side inside Revan's heart from Revan's amnesiac past when he was the Dark Lord of the Sith. However Uthar Wynn didn't trust Revan yet, and Revan had to impress him enough, to gain his prestige. What is this mean in the Sith language? Of course this mean to do as many bad things as you can do the fastest way. For the request of some readers I list some acts that will help you to gain the needed prestige. You have to give Uthar Wynn the Code of the Sith first, but he's not impressed enough yet with this of course. A nice beginning, but that only poisoned your mind and soul, that is not enough to be a interrogate a mandalorian captive to got to know a secret hidden Mandalorian Weapons CacheSith, you gotta do many more bad things, to gain his prestige. You can select the following things: interrogate a mandalorian captive to got to know a secret hidden Mandalorian Weapons Cache, kill the interrogation officer and tell Master Wynn about the Mandalorian Weapons Cache, visit through all three available Sith tombs, kill or repair the Rogue Droid in Marka Ragnos tombRogue Droid in Marka Ragnos' tomb. Then you can get the Sword of Sword of Ajunta PallAjunta Pall from his tomb, even by destroying the soul of the dead Sith lord itself, then you can get the Ancient Tablet from Jorak Uln in the Tulak Hord tombJorak Uln in the Tulak Hord tomb, killing the elderly Sith master with your companions and the captive Mekel. You can track down and kill some Sith runaways ( renegade_sith questRenegade Sith quest), and you can go to the Dark Valley to collect some really valuable Jedi artifacts, for example the robes and datapad of Ulic Qel-Droma robe and datapadUlic Quel Droma. Additionally, eminents can trick some student mates in the Sith Academy, for example lashowe_tukata_holokron questLashowe, who will lead you in the Dark Valley if you could persuade her well enough, where you must kill some Tukata beasts, and then you'll find a valuable artifact, a holocron, which you can keep for yourself by killing Lashowe, but that is a typical DS solution, and needs pretty much persuade points. There is an other quest, which also needs strong persuade: you will meet kel_algwin doubting sithKel Algwinn in the West sleeping area of the Sith Academy, who will give you the doubting Sith quest. Approach him and force persuade him so he tell you he doubts the Sith path is the right one for him. You can kill the "weak Sith", or you can snitch on him to uthar wynn wants revan on his side against yuthuraUthar Wynn. So that is how your Revan had gained more prestige over his opponents and managed to impress Uthar enough. He and Yuthura, Revan's "trainer" at the Academy, took Revan to the tomb of Naga Sadow where he had to pass his final test of discovering the Star Map and bringing back a lightsaber.

After these had happened, and Revan came out with the wished lightsaber, uthar wynn pitted yuthura against revanUthar Wynn gave an extra "funny" task for the tired Revan. It is known that the Sith have to kill someone close to them to prove they are worthy and let me say to prove they are insane... So Darth Revan killed Yuthura Ban as Uthar Wynn commanded then turned against him in the ds endUthar Wynn figured out a similar Sith exam for Revan, which project's title could be "now I am really a determined idiot". He wanted Revan to finally deal with his renegade apprentice Yuthura Ban by pitting Revan against her. Revan has the choice to carry out this order, or to refuse it, or even killing them both, these depend on the Side, you are playing. Unfortunately for Uthar, there is a solution, where Revan helps Yuthura Ban to defeat uthar wynnRevan had befriended Yuthura and helped her to kill Master Wynn. But this Sith friendship won't last long, since Yuthura had larger ambitions, she didn't plan to share her new title with anyone else, so she turned on Revan right after Darth Revan kills Yuthura Ban AND Uthar Wynn tooUthar's death. Revan managed to defeat Yuthura Ban, and during the Dark Side quest he killed her. However, the twi'lek woman's life was spared during the Light Side game play, and Revan could return her to the light. In this case she left for the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. Anyway, due to Uthar's death and Yuthura's redemption, the remaining Sith turned on each other eagerly to gain the power, and without their leaders the Sith Academy was thrown into civil war. At least those, who remained alive after a dark Lord Revan's massacre...


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Custom Uthar Wynn figure front

custom Uthar Wynn figure front


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custom Uthar Wynn figure back


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custom Uthar wynn figure from above


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