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You could choose from four civilizations in Battlefront 1. It was upgraded to let's say "4 and a half" civilizations in Battlefront 2, since beside the well known Empire, Rebel Alliance, Republic (clones), and CIS (droids) came a fifth civilization the playable heroes. The 4 playable military civs had many different services in the first episode, but all of them got some new squad members, or a same member that was earlier but who has some different task, or a new outfit, and therefor looked quite new. So these 4 old civilizations were virtually supplemented with a fifth, the playable heroes. Mostly Jedi, but not always, because there were other kind of characters, too, like a wookie, bounty hunters, (Jango Fett and Boba Fett), or Leia, Han, etc, that is why there were called "heros" not jedi. But the list was still not complete! The sixth civilization has born... There is a new mod made with the Battlefront engine created by gamers' pressure, where the forces of the Old Republic fight against the Sith Army! We can select many representatives from the menu, we can control them, we can use their weaponry, and we can have revenge at last on our ancient enemies. (Some representatives will be introduced here on CustomStarWars later on!) Lately you could read an intro about the Sith troopers! The Sith troopers have appeared in the Expanded Star Wars Universe for a short time, but conquered it swiftly. The fans just love them, just take a look at my partner site's the Rebelscum's latest 2009 fans' choice poll, where the Sith troopers get in the top three. (Followed by Bastila Shan again, I don't really know when these awesome Kotor characters will be released, no matter how badly the fans want them?) The Sith trooper armor is so great, that many fan made custom Sith trooper armors for them. Darth Stryker alias Roland has focused our attention to this superb BF2-KotOR mod which I gladly share with you. I have made a separate section for this in the Battlefront 2 main section, so you could watch some of those good old KotOR characters, and some battle scenes!



Take a look at Roland's (our faithful readers') beautiful pictures from the BF2-KotOR mod! There are some weird things in them, for example the Old Republic hero is Darth Revan, the Sith Assassin got a sniper scope rifle (??), and the detonator word is written as detonator by the developer. :-) Darth Revan was a Sith when he wore this Dark Lord outfit, later he will be known as Revan, and wore some kind of basic armor or a Jedi robe, and fought with a traditional colored Jedi lightsaber (green, blue, or maybe yellow). Anyway, I bet there is no real fan who won't sit down to try this awesome new mod right away, if he/she would have a chance!

Sith trooper



Sith assault trooper

sith assault trooper


Sith commander, wearing a uniform pretty much like the Uthar Wynn Sith Academy students!



Sith assassin



Sith hero = Darth Malak!



Old Republic hero = Darth Revan (??)

Old Republic hero Darth Revan


Revan vs Malak



Kotor Battlefront mod street fight

kotor_battlefront_mod street fight


Republic soldier (there is an article on him on CSW!)



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written and translated by: Norbert Rostas 2009. 11. 30.


battlefront 2 cover

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