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Dear Readers! Read the story of Suvam Tan, a rodian merchant who lived in a space station near Yavin, and repaired and crafted special weaponry, armors, and accessory, and was willing to share those with Revan with a great discount if he beats Suvam ten times at pazaak. He has the Heart of the Guardian, and the Mantle of the Force lightsaber crystals, and those never depleting baragwin armors and droid arms! Click the button of the Knights of the Old Republic 1 main section above, and select Suvan Tan from the left menu bar!


Dear Readers! Read the article on the rebel heavy lifter vehicle of the game Force Commander, which was used for delivering rebel buildings and vehicles to the battleground, such as shield generator, anti infantry, anti vehicle, and anti air turrets, tech center, TRMB, airfield, and meet its pilot at the first Hungarian Customstarwars site! You can see some screenshots and a custom builder shuttle figure, too! Click the button of the Force Commander main section above, and select the Builder shuttle from the left menu bar!


Dear Readers! We introduce the security battle droids, who were special droids in the army of the Trade Federation, and later in the CIS (Confederacy of Independent Systems), employed for guarding important areas in military complexes, hangars, corridors, entrances, but they were often seen in space ships, protecting Neimoidian leaders. They were used to escort captives, and guarded them, too. Please take a look at my custom security battle droid figure too! Click the button of the Film main section above, and select the Security battle droid from the left menu bar!








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