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Dear Readers! We introduce Mira who once was a Mandalorian orphan, then she became one of the most infamous female bounty hunters of the Galaxy. For that, she had to confront an other big bounty hunter many times, Hanharr, the Wookie, who hated the girl. Mira once saved Hanharr's life, and with that he was forced for a wookie life-debt, but Hanharr would rather get rid of it, also with the girl, who he owed. Mira met the Exile Jedi at Nar Shaddaa, and volunteered to enter the Jek Jek Tarr instead her, to face the dangerous crime lord, Visquis. Read her adventures! Also, you will find a good Mira custom figure! Click the Kotor2 main section, and select Mira from the left menu bar!.


Dear Readers! I introduce the Magna gurads, who were ordered by Count Dooku for personal bodyguards. The Holowan factories made them, but they did not only served Dooku, but they were used by General Grievous, too. The droids had heuristic self-motivated system, which made them one of the strongest CIS droids, despite they only had a phrik electrostaff in their hands. I inspect some IG series droids, and some better known ones. Film main section, and select White magnaguard from the left menu bar!










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