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Dear Readers! We introduce the elite red battle droids, who were special CIS developed droids, painted red and yellow to differentiate them from the old droids of the Trade Federation. These new droids were much stronger, smarter, quicker, and more accurate than the old Trade Federation droids! We introduce the OOM red elite commander battle droids, who were special droids in the army of the Trade Federation, and later in the CIS (Confederacy of Independent Systems), employed for commanding other red droids in military actions, serving as an elite type of the basic battle droids in special missions, such as in the Clone Wars, where they defended the Geonosian fortress, and the droid factory. Please take a look at my custom OOM red elite battle droid commander figure too! Click the button of the Film main section above, and select the red droid commander from the left menu bar!


Dear Visitors! The droid project is closing to its end. In this month we introduced several kind of droids, with different colors and functions. As a last article, we often finish up the projects with a game intro, where we study the very character within the world of games. Now we focus to a single game, namely Battlefront 2. The droid set contains a magna guard, an assassin droid, a droideka, an assault droid, an engineer, and a super battledroid, and a bonus gonk droid. Click the button of the Battlefront 2 main section above, and select the Battlefront 2 droid set from the left menu bar!


After finishing the droid month, there is an other project which reached its final episode. With my fellow Star Wars fan friend, Stryker, we found out a special software diorama method, which we used to model all of the Star Wars episodes of the great Saga. Today we publish the last of them, the Return of the Jedi, Episode six. Click the button of the Jedi Academy main section above, and select the episode 6 by KotF article from the left menu bar!








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