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2011. MAY


Dear Readers! We introduce an other interesting thug figure from the KotOR series. Thug is a name of a gangster, a band member, who often attacks the civil innocents, or even us during the game. The have several outfits, and even the race is often changing. Creatures and humanoids are also could be found. Humanoids also vary. I have already introduced a white man with beard in a green durasteel armor, this time we introduce an asian man in a heavy war armor. I prepared one of these totally alike asian thug twins, they often come in groups, and ALL of them look alike, like they were brothers.  Click the button of the Knights of the Old Republic 2 main section above, and select Thug 1 from the left menu bar!


Dear Visitors! This time we introduce a custom heavy artillery driver pilot from the game Force Commander, and tell its story in the game. The custom heavy artillery pilots drives an imperial antigravitation vehicle, which is stronger artillery than the mobile artillery were. It is able to pierce armor, and even to destruct enemy turrets, buildings, and structures. It has a bigger fire power, and a larger line of sight than the mobile artillery has. Click the button of the Force Commander main section above, and select the heavy artillery pilot from the left menu bar!










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