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2012. MARCH


Dear Visitors! Please read a Rakata article with their story and see a custom Rakata figure. The Rakata were an ancient civilization, who conquered the known universe forming their Infinite Empire. Knowns as builders, they used slaves to build the Starforge above their homeworld, called Lehon. A technical supremacy, they had many scientic and war developments, and with the power of the dark side, they were almost invulnerable. But just almost... They felt apart, retreated to Lehon under a powerful deflector shield, otherwise the slaves uprising would killed them all. A disease still almost terminated the whole civilization, and they have lost everything. I made a custom black suite Rakata warrior for you to see.  Click the button of the KotOR1 main section above, and select the Rakata from the left menu bar!


We introduce the Old Republic soldiers who were the enlisted soldiers in the Old Republic, protecting it, and serving on the Hammerhead cruisers, like the Endar Spire, the Harbinger, and others. Forn Dodonna, Roland Wann, Carth Onasi and other commanders were their superiors. Click the button of the KotOR2 main section above, and select the Republic soldier from the left menu bar!










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