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2011. JUNE


Dear Visitors! We introduce Hanharr who has been born on the planet Kashyyyk, spent many time at the Shadowlands, went insane, became a slave, then after escaping he chased his prey madly as a newly born bounty hunter, especially Mira, who once saved the wookie when he got injured, and for that Hanharr must connect himself to the girl with a traditional life dept. Please read the article of this evil wookie, whoes life has message even for the recent society.  Click the button of the Knights of the Old Republic 2 main section above, and select Hanharr from the left menu bar!


Dear Visitors! This time I introduce some easy to make battle droid variations, which do not need any putty, glue, or even paint, yet, you can creat many battledroids, just by changing some droid parts, for example the heads, the legs, or by adding extra accessories to them, such as a bag pack, or a firing effect! With this, you can build your own droid army! Click the button of the Film main section above, and select the battle droid variants from the left menu bar!










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