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Dear Visitors! Please read an article about the 501st clone legion, the typical blue-white armor designated  troopers, who became famous and guilty about the massacre of the Jedi Temple, which act later known as Knightfall. Palpatine gave these clones to Anakin Skywalker, after he trained him Darth Vader, his new Sith apprentice. Led in the lemple, these troopers killed everyone inside, including the padawans, and the younglings. After this, they became Vader's Fist, his own legion. They formed the basics of the newly created stormtroopers later on. I made a custom blue-white 501 clone trooper based on the movie, too.  Click the button of the Film main section above, and select the 501 clone trooper from the left menu bar!


Dear Visitors! I continue the sroty line of the five-oh-first. The clone legion is an eblematic sqquad of the game, Battlefront 2, where we can control them, from the first battles till their transformation to stormtroopers, continueing their adventures in the white armor till the capture of Leia Organa on aboard the blockade runner ship, the Tantive 4. Click the button of the Battlefront 2 main section above, and select the 501 clone in BF2 from the left menu bar!










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