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Dear Readers! We introduce G0-T0, the round shaped interrogation droid of the game Knights of the Old Republic. Since he has not got lightsabers, and cannot use Force powers, many gamers don't like him, ignoring him, leaving him on the ship. I wrote a long and detailed article on him, to show you, how interesting his story is, and how a good character you miss, if you don't play with G0T0 during the game. If you have him around, you'll surely benefit from his targeting module, his power shots, and his cloaking device, which makes GO-TO a strong team member. We'll show his backgrounds, and some other interesting facts, too. Click the button of the KotOR2 main section above, and select GOTO from the left menu bar!


Dear Readers! We introduce the Sith assassin droids, otherwise known as Sith war droids, who were droid foot soldiers of the Sith Army during the Jedi Civil War. The rust color, and the silver blue types were the most common variants, I hand made a silver blue for myself. Click the button of the KotOR1 main section above, and select the assassin droid from the left menu bar!










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