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2011. AUGUST


Dear Visitors! We introduce Jolee Bindo, a former Jedi Padawan, who did not always respected the orders and the laws, and because of that, he wandered off the original path of a Jedi. He became a smuggler, and ever get married with Nayama, and Ukatis female soldier, and he taught her wife to the ways of the Force. The fate however punished Jolee for his stubborness, his wife was lured to the Dark Side by the Sith Lord Exar Kun, and attacked her husband, then committed many crimes later on. Jolee left the Jedi Order, travelled the Galaxy, till he crash landed the planet Kashyyyk, where he found his mental peace, learning a lot, building his shelter there, protecting the wookies and the innocents. Later, he met Revan there, and taught many things for the younger Jedi, who was happy to meet such a wise hermit, who almost became his father, or rather a master like mentor. Please read the article of this evil wookie, whose life has message even for the recent society.  Click the button of the Knights of the Old Republic 1 main section above, and select Jolee Bindo from the left menu bar!


Dear Readers! Please read the article on a fictionary heavy gunner clone commander from Clone Wars cartoon, he is a fictionary officer, who gives fire orders at will, and gives coordinates, ammunition type orders and other technical support and instructions for his men. Click the button of the Cartoon main section above, and select the heavy clone commander from the left menu bar! battle droid variants










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