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2010. AUGUST


Dear Readers! After the last week's Count Dooku articles, and Mr Tibor Szilagyi's voice sample you could feel like nothing cooler can happen. And to tell the truth, that Dooku sentence really was great. But this time there will be something awesome, even more valuable, however this time there will be an English sentence from a great US actor, Mr Kristoffer Tabori, which I can proudly share with you, and placed the voice sample into the KotOR2 main section, as a section opening voice. I will mention several things that can be attached to Mr Tabori, since he worked in many projects, that can be found in the article, but this time it will be plenty enough if I tell he was HK-47 in the Knights of the Old Republic! Because he has Hungarian relations, he is especially beloved here in Hungary, as the only actor of the game, who can be connected to our country. That is the reason, why I contacted him, and for my biggest happiness he took our invitation to be the section opener personality of the game KotOR. He even sent 2 voice samples, a shorter one which was our original idea, (that sentence will open the HK-47 article), and a longer, awesome, typically ironic, bloodthirsty, meatbag mentioning intro, prefixing each and every sentence as HK-47 used to do. That sentence will open the KotOR2 main section from now. For the respect of Kristoffer Tabori I made a custom HK-47 figure, introduced the robot itself, listed many of his infamous sentences, and hopefully with these materials we can bring this great actor closer to his fans worldwide. Click the button of the Knights of the Old Republic 2 main section above, and select HK-47 from the left menu bar!


Dear Visitors! For the honor of Mr Kristoffer Tabori, we continue studying the HK series assassin droids. This time we introduce the other type, the silver armored, yellow eyed HK-50 droids, who were all given voice by the actor in the game Knights of the Old Republic 2, so I dedicate the article and the custom figure to the respect of Mr. Kris Tabori. Click the button of the Knights of the Old Republic 2 main section above, and select HK-50 from the left menu bar!


Dear Visitors! We have two custom figure refreshments in the Custom figures and Fan art section. The first guy has been introduced earlier, but this time Zoltan Kiszelak recruited a new member into his custom shadow trooper regiment. The other guy is new here, his name is Adam Szente. Adam is a fellow collector friend, and he is the first guy here, who dared and was able to write his own intro, telling us how he was befriended with the Star Wars and how he became a collector. Adam is a smart, precise, and innovative customizer, I especially enjoy those visual upgrades, that he makes to make his projects more spectacular with special effects. Besides his intro, you will find an explanation, where Adam tells what figures were used to create these custom figures, that he wanted to make from better heads and parts. Take a look at his work. Click the Custom collections and Fan art main section, and select Adam and Zoltan from the left menu bar!








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