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2013. APRIL


Dear Visitors! A new fellow customizer has appeared on the horizon. His name is Csaba Horvath, a novice customizer. He's been collection for years, but nowadays he turned towards the miracle of customizing. His early creatures can be seen on our site. Click the button of the Custom collection and Fan Art main section above, and select Csaba Horvath from the left menu bar!


Dear Visitors! Please read an article about Chuundar, the black fured wookie, brother of Zalbaar, son of Freyyr, who overtook Rwookrrorro after Zaalbar was exiled, and Freyyr was sent down to the Shadowlands. Chuundar sold fellow wookies to Czerka slavers, and was a strict chieftain, just until Revan and his company returned to Kashyyyk, and freed the wookies from slavery, and killed Chuundar, placing the old Freyyr back to rule. But playing a dark side game, an alternate ending is available, when the Dark revan cooperates with Chuundar, kills Freyyr, and leave him be the chieftan. Click the button of the Film main section above, and select Chuundar from the left menu bar!










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